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Monday with JVM logs

[Safepoints] Introduction and safepoints logs

[JIT] JIT logs

[Classloader] Classloader logs - can attaching the JFR (and other profilers) cause the outage?

[GC] Heap after GC - do I have a memory leak?

[GC] Allocation rate

[GC][G1GC] Heap before GC - is my heap wasted?

[GC][G1GC] G1GC Stop-the-world phases

[GC][G1GC] Efficiency of the old generation cleanup

My articles about JVM performance and tuning

Biased lock disabled, again

To tune or not to tune? G1GC vs humongous allocation

JVM internals basics - Stop-the-world phase (safepoints) - how it works?

Time to safepoint - finally there is a tool to find long ones, and yes it is the async-profiler

Can G1GC cause outage?

From one JDK bug to another?

How can inefficient algorithm degrade performance with innocent G1GC in the middle? Humongous object strikes back

Spring Boot + Spring Security + Apereo CAS + Concurrent Session Control = Heap memory leak

Spring Session JDBC + Apereo CAS = Heap memory leak, and it is a documented feature

Full GC every hour after deploying new application version

Continuous profiling with async-profiler

Continuous profiling with async-profiler - long time to safepoint - logs vs swap

Spring Boot + good old JSP/Tags = disaster

The ultimate monitoring of the JVM application - out of the box

My open source projects

Aync-profiler utils

I created some tools that help me with profiling big application with Async-profiler:

JVM/GC logs analyzer

Here is my open source JVM and GC logs analyzer:

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